Solar Opex Model


Solar equipment is an investment! Not everyone has the capital to purchase solar equipment. Don’t let it dither you from harnessing the benefits of solar power. There are two models of solar equipment investment – Opex Model and Capex Model. If you are confused between owning the solar system or purchasing solar power, you are not the only one

Ujjaval Matrix Infrastructure Private Limited provides solar plants on OPEX (Operating Expense) model. We understand that capital expenditure on solar power installations can be difficult for some businesses.

What is Opex Model? (Minimum Requried 50kw Rooftop Plant)

In Opex, the basic principle is the same. Instead of a rooftop owner (say a company) investing his own money to put up a solar power plant, a solution provider invests the capital on the solar power plant and also maintains it. In turn, the rooftop owner agrees to purchase the power at a predetermined price for a predetermined period. This OPEX model is famous in many countries including US where half of rooftop solar PV installations are owned by OPEX developers. It is successful model internationally and remains so in India also as the consumer has not to incur upfront capital costs.

Whether you opt for the Capex or Opex plan, rest assured of costs much lower than grid electricity. With a onetime initial investment, solar power brings the energy independence that continues to pay for itself with practically zero recurring cost.
The OPEX model is extremely attractive for end consumers as all financial, technical and operational requirements for the rooftop solar system are fulfilled by specialist companies. The solar PV installed at your premises is NOT owned by you but by a third-party, which is also responsible for its maintenance.
Plant Capacity: 50-100 KW
Price:Rs.6/per Unit
Ujjaval Matrix Infrastructure Private Limited is among the most active companies in this space and eyeing triple digit growth rates. If you need finance option, don’t worry! We also provide finance and the rates will vary with your profile and credit score. If you have a good profile and a good credit score, stay assured of getting finance at the best rates.

For finance option, you need to provide us with following documents –

  • Last 3 Years ITR and Company balance sheet
  • Bank Statement for last one year
  • ID Proof
  • Business Registration Document

For more details, get in touch with us.